General Overview

This is how we expect most people will use the Word Learner Learner Management System (LMS). We expect you to set up a class and assign a list of words to that class. You can also create a test (or many tests for them). You give the class code to your students to put in the Word Learner app (iOS and Android) in their Settings > "Login or Register" area. They sign up with a unique username and add some other non-personally identifying information. This syncs their account with the class you set up here. You will see their Class Join Requests on your main dashboard menu. You accept each student to the class. This then syncs the wordlist you created to the students' app. They MUST be logged in to see the class list or any tests you created. They then learn the words. You can check their progress at any time. You can add new tests at any time.

Syncing the app to this LMS

NB we prefer this form of sign up rather than you import their data as it saves you time and avoids clashes.

Uploading to the student's app.

Tracking Progress

Making a test

  • The app randomly will select words from the FULL list of words in your list. This means each student will be tested on different words- so that students cannot cheat.
  • Each student has only 20 seconds per item to prevent them looking up words in dictionaries
  • The test is a multiple choice format with an "I don't know option". If the test word is a noun, then 3 nouns are randomly selected from the full list of words they have been assigned to be distractors
  • They can see their test score immediately, and their score is synced to the LMS the next time their app is Connected to the Internet so you can see it too.
  • They can only take the test ONE time. If a student missed the test time, you can set up another test at any time.
  • Note that students MIGHT want to give their login data to another student to take the test for them. It's best that you ask them to take the test in your presence.
  • They cannot click back to see a previous test item
  • If they stop the test before the end, the data for the test items they did is retained but they cannot take the test again. You need to make another test.
  • We recommend you set up a practice test beforehand so they know what to do say a week before the main test
  • Clicking "I don't know" or going over the test item will register the word as "not known" and the app will move to the next question.


Ensure each student is correctly logged into their account (they can check in Settings > My account once logged in). You don't want them to share a school device like an Ipad and take another student's test!

PROBLEM: Where is the class code? I forgot.

Click the class you created in the "Classes" menu. It's at the top. NB all Class Codes are unique.

PROBLEM: They cannot see their classlist or test in their app


  • LMS problem: a) You did not set them a test. Go to the Class and Create test, or b) Maybe you did not accept them to the class. Check the Join Class Request.
  • Student issues: a) Either they did not sign up originally. Are they in your class list on the LMS? or did you forget to add them with a Join Class Request (main menu) ), or b) they are not logged in to their account. Tell them to go to Settings > Login

PROBLEM: They stopped the test early.

They were warned in their app that stopping the test would mean they might lose their data. They cannot retake the test (to prevent them writing down words and checking in a dictionary and taking the test again), s you need to set up another test and assign it to the class. The system does not allow you to set a test for specific students - only the class as a whole.

PROBLEM: A student missed the test day or time

You need to create a new test for them. Note that the whole class will see this test as tests are made for a class, not just one student.

PROBLEM: The students want to update, or change their device

No Problem. They just download the app again on their device and login and all their data will come back.

PROBLEM: They forgot their username or password

They can recover their password using the "Forgot password" feature but ONLY if they registered their email. We are working on a solution for students to did not register their email.

PROBLEM: My students don't have a smartphone, their phone has no Battery power, or it is broken

No problem. They can go to and Login or register with the system as they do on the app. Some features will be lost e.g. the dictionary.

What do I do if my students are different levels?

a. Ask all the students to take a level self-check test from the test tab - the NGSL and academic one

b. They write down the level the app recommends and give that to you.

c. You analyse how many students will be at what levels and how many words you want them to learn

d. Then you create 2 or more classes with different codes that match these students, so for example

class X NGSL bands 17-22

class Y NGSL bands 19-24

class Z NGSL bands 23-30

Delete Account

If you want to delete the account, please email us on [email protected]