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Welcome to Word Learner. Learn words in English / Japanese / Korean / Thai / Arabic / Vietnamese for FREE!

Welcome to the Word Learner apps and LMS (Learner Management System)

The one-stop solution to spaced repetition learning. Make a class, assign words and track the students learning and test scores all in one system.
Track your student's vocabulary learning in their Word learner iOS or Android apps using our learner management system. Free for 1 month (about $2-3 per student per year after that) for upto 30 students.
Teachers can pay by paypal or bank transfer or students can pay in their app.
Teachers, sign up for the free trial today!!!!!!!!!!!

The Word Learner apps

  • iOS and Android
  • Science based spaced-repetition word learning
  • All learning data synchronized to the learner management system for detailed tracking
  • Specialist wordlists built in (NGSL, NAWL, TOEIC, Business, Korean NEAT and Japanese CEFR-J)
  • Word list creator - create your own sublists
  • Vocabulary Self-Check Level Test
  • Built-in 80,000 word dictionary with multiple meaning senses
  • Ability to save words to learn from the dictionary
  • Test taking area
  • Automatic test creator (timed tests with three distractors)*
  • Definitions and interface in English, Japanese, Korean, Arabic , Vietnamese and Thai
  • Example sentences*
  • All words in IPA
  • Notification reminders
  • The system stores your data online so you can update your phone and keep your data**
  • Strong privacy protection - no need for names and email addresses

The Learner Management System

  • Used in conjunction with the iOS and Android Word Learner apps
  • Create a class and assign learning dates and targets
  • Monitor the students in your class
  • Assign words for your students to learn from sublists of major well-known wordlists
  • Assign tests on specific dates
  • Students register with the class in their apps using a class code you create
  • Track their progress individually and as a class
  • Download and keep the data

* Available in paid mode. Free mode apps restricted to 10 dictionary look-ups per day. Cannot create your own tests. Limited number of wordlists can be made.
** All data of students registered to a class have their learning data kept online. After buying a new phone, they just download the app again and login to get their data back

Welcome to Word Learner - the fast scientific way to learn lots of words quickly. Watch the video to learn about Word Learner.