Our privacy policy is very simple. We will never ever under any circumstances release any information about any account to anyone ever. And we mean ever.


For students using the Word-learner apps, we do not REQUIRE any personally identifiable information. All we require is they give us a username, a password and some demographic non-personally identifiable information such as gender, date of birth (so we can track learning by ages) first language and location. Students can if they wish add their name and email address when registering in the Word Learner App but this is not required. However, if your institution allows to, and the students agree to register that information, you may want them to do so in order that you can easily see who is who in your class lists. Your choice.


However, we ask teachers who sign up to give us an email address so we can contact you. If you lose access to your account for some reason, contact [email protected] and we’ll go through some steps to verify your account. However, word-learner does track student data. We need to do this to record what is being learnt by who and when so we can pass that data back to you. We also track these data by first language, and word so we can see which words students are learning quickly and which they are not. We use this for vocabulary research. The system is not set up to track each user’s learning path, only aggregate data by first language and age, thus we do not know which student the data comes from.